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Digitizing solution experts

i2S DigiBook is involved in digitizing solutions for more than 10 years. As designer and manufacturer of scanners, software developers and partners in small, medium and international mass digitizing projects, we have acquired a high level of expertise along the full chain of digitization, from project specification to content publishing. With a network of 35 partners all around the world, we are able to operate in any country at short notice.

We have experts able to help you as Executive Direction Assistance or as Technical Direction Assistance:

  • Assessing goals and project feasibility,
  • Definition of the project specifications: technical and functional requirements, quality standards, legal and financial clauses, etc.
  • Assessment of tendering answers,
  • Assessment of project costs, credit and budget management,
  • Coordination and management of project partners,
  • Preparation of tenders and management of the procurement and purchase orders.

So, do not hesitate to ask our experts before starting your project. We are ready to open talks with you to determine the best fit with your needs, constraints and budget. And help you carry out your project respecting delays and return on investment.

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