Kirtas KABIS Range

Kirtas' KABIS Automatic book scanner provides high-productivity and excellent image quality for medium to large digitizing projects

Kirtas KABIS Range product

The Kirtas KABIS family is the world leader in automatic book scanners.  KABIS robotic book scanners provide high productivity with speeds up to 2900 pages per hour, high image quality and Kirtas’ SmartCradle™ system to protect even the most fragile books and documents.

In 2004, Kirtas Technologies was nominated by the World Technology Network (WTN) for its development of the world’s first truly automated book scanning system. Since then, Kirtas has continued to refine, enhance, innovate and build on its core technologies. Kirtas Technologies creates radically innovative products that allow for the digitization of content that is locked away in both bound and unbound documents.


University Athabasca

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University Athabasca

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