System integrators

System integrators (or Global Account Services) are large international companies involved in the service of major governmental projects for the mass digitization of civil, legal or cultural documents.

As a leading actor of large projects, these services companies have to build locally large scanning structure including dozens of scanners and operators.

These projects are facing all difficulties and challenges of scanning processes, especially with old, fragile and complex documents. They are also facing quality, delays and return on investment issues.


It is to improve their offer and help them achieving their goals that i2S DigiBook has built a complete turnkey solution including:

  • Partnership as Executive Direction Assistance or as Technical Direction Assistance,
  • Assessing goals and project feasibility,
  • Definition of the project specifications: technical and functional requirements, quality standards, legal and financial clauses, etc.
  • Assessment of tendering answers,
  • Coordination and management of project partners,
  • Installation and configuration of the scanning platform including multiple types of scanners, workflow servers, processing and production software,
  • Training sessions for all operators and production managers,
  • Support and maintenance,
  • And other services like custom developments, scanners takeover, etc.

i2s DigiBook has the most complete range of solutions for mass digitization and processing platform allowing to process any type of documents for any kind of customer.

i2s DigiBook solutions’ benefits for mass digitization projects:

  • Global solutions
    • From projects assistance to turnkey platforms
  • Return on investment (ROI) oriented
    • Optimized ratio on cost, productivity and quality
  • Versatility of solutions
    • Any type, any size and any content of documents
  • Optimized digitization process
    • All processes, quality control and workflow management done with a full software suite on a network server

i2S DigiBook + Kirtas Technologies are both leaders involved in digitizing solutions for more than 10 years. As designer and manufacturer of scanners, software developers and partners in small, medium and international mass digitizing projects, we have acquired a high level of expertise along the full chain of digitization, from project specification to content publishing. With a network of 40 partners all around the world, we are able to operate in any country at short notice.

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