Scanning service companies

Scanning service companies are one of the pillars of the worldwide digitization projects. In partnership with all main public or private institutions, archives and other collections owners, they digitize billions of pages each year.

As industrial scanning structure, scanning service companies are facing all difficulties and challenges of scanning processes, especially with old, fragile and complex documents. They are also facing quality, delays and return on investment issues.

It is to improve their processes and help them achieving their goals that i2S DigiBook + Kirtas Technologies have built a complete range of solutions from scanning to image and document processing.

i2s DigiBook + Kirtas Technologies have the most complete range of solutions for mass digitization and processing platform allowing to process any type of documents for any kind of customer.

The first stage of a digitization project is to found the most appropriate scanning solution. Thanks to i2s DigiBook + Kirtas Technologies the digitization can be applied to any kind of documents: old books, manuscripts, monograph, drawings and watercolor, postcards, pictures, engravings, maps, media supports… These scanning solutions guarantee both productivity and high image quality, from 300 to 1000 dpi, consequently making easier to zoom on images or even to re-print documents.

In a second step, LIMB solution makes possible to control, process, enrich and convert raw images from scanners. LIMB™ makes easier to transform raw images into digital documents ready for knowledge sharing on different media (Internet, Smartphone, touchpad…), and to convert the documents into digital long term archiving files.

Over hundred of service providers, are digitizing and processing with i2s DigiBook + Kirtas Technologies solutions.

In addition, i2S DigiBook + Kirtas Technologies are able to work with their customers for the full duration of their projects. Specialists are on hand to assist them in identifying their requirements, guiding them towards the solutions best suited to their problems and assisting them in the implementation and optimization of their products.

i2s DigiBook + Kirtas Technologies solutions’ benefits for mass digitization structure:

  • Versatility of documents
    • All type of documents even very fragile
    • Size of documents from the smallest to 2xA0 and with a thickness up to 50 cm
    • Relief emphasize
  • Decrease digitization cost
    • High productivity scanners
    • Optimized quality control processes and operator interface
    • Automatic batch processing
    • Simultaneous multiple exports
  • Simplify digitization process
    • All processing with one software solution connected to all scanners

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