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Because the Euro is produced by several mills in Europe, the quality of the paper is even more important. Indeed each mill must produce the same quality of banknote paper. However issues are the same for the other currencies.

There are just a few Banknote Paper Mills around the world which have to provide all the Banknote Printers. As the cash is still one of the most popular means of payment, they have a big responsibility to bear. Especially as the security signs embedded in the paper are growing numbers in order to fight counterfeiters.



Banknote paper sheet’s quality control using our solution has more than one interest:

  • To store the results of all positions and dimensions measures in tables. These measures may be easily used to create statistics.
  • To spot certain machines faults and to correct them, this leads to production costs drops and to a better impact on the environment.
  • To prove even several months later by storing the scanned image that quality requirement have been met.


i2s DigiBook offers the most complete solutions for banknote paper sheet’s quality control:

The first stage of the quality control inspection is to create the template of the currency you need to inspect. Thanks to i2S DigiBook  software, quality control inspection can be applied to any currency or security papers.

Then the SupraScan BK_v1.0_US which has been developed for the scanning of such document digitizes the paper and sends the image to the computer for the analysis.

Finally, the software will check each security signs which have been settled in the template. If the results are within the tolerance set by the Central Bank, the software will give a result as OK, otherwise as KO.

i2S DigiBook + Kirtas Technologies are working for several years with the Fabrica Nacional de Moneda Y Timbre at Burgos in Spain. The SupraScan BK_v1.0_US  has been especially developed for banknote paper sheet quality control needs, measuring, identifying and locating all security signs on banknote paper, ensuring that they comply with the standards set by Central Banks over the world.

In addition, i2S DigiBook is able to work with their customers for the full duration of their projects. Specialists are on hand to assist them in identifying their requirements, guiding them towards the solutions best suited to their problems and assisting them in the implementation and optimization of their products.

i2s DigiBook solutions’ benefits for banknote paper sheet’s quality control inspection:

  • Fast
    • 8,000 measurements per minute
  • High accuracy
    • Measurement up to 42 microns
  • Adaptable
    • Fit any banknote or legal sheet
  • Easy to use
    • Intuitive production interface
  • Reliable
    • Guaranteed quality control avoiding human error from repetitive tasks
  • Improve
    • Reliable statistical information on your performances
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