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CopiBook™ technology

CopiBook™ technology: the perfect area scan camera for ease-of-use and productivity

CopiBook™ scanners range are built using cameras designed and developed by i2S cameras with a CCD area sensor embedded.







Area scan cameras offer simplicity:

  • Real time preview, whereas a line scan camera needs a pre-scan
  • Can be used with ambient lighting, whereas a line scan camera needs a strong lighting
  • 5cm depth of field whatever the resolution is, whereas a line scan camera’s has a depth of field decreases with the increase in resolution

Area scan cameras offer higher productivity:

  • A single shot of capture area, whereas a line scan camera must move slowly over the entire document
  • Same scanning time no matter what size document, whereas a line scan camera will spend more time scanning larger documents
  • Automatic cropping on real time preview, whereas a line scan camera needs a ROI (Region Of Interest) selection following  a pre-scan


CopiBook™ area scan camera is better than digital back camera technology
CopiBook™ scanners range is based on i2S designed and manufactured cameras with a CCD area sensor embedded: CopiBook™ Cobalt embeds a 63 million pixels camera whereas CopiBook™ Cobalt HD offers a 140 million pixels camera.

  • Reliability: no mechanical shutter. CopiBook™ offers a long-life cycle camera, whereas digital back cameras often need mechanical shutters replacement
  • Speed: no conversion needed. TIFF files are created directly, whereas digital back cameras have to process the Bayer filter information and to convert captured images from RAW to a useable file format

SupraScan™ Quartz technology

1.2  SupraScan™ Quartz technology: innovative cameras for best image quality and high resolution, at high speed

SupraScan™ Quartz scanners are based on i2S designed and manufactured cameras with a line scan camera. Quartz camera offers 400dpi optical on A1 and Quartz HD offers 600dpi optical on A0 (and A1 of course). No area sensors on the market offer truer resolutions:

  • Up to 11 lp/mm at 600dpi optical
  • Up to 18 lp/mm at 1000dpi optical
  • Less than 8s for a true 400 x 400 dpi A1 color scan
  • 100% Metamorfoze compliant at high speed


1.2     SupraScan™ Quartz technology: innovative lighting for better quality

SupraScan™ Quartz A1 scanners embed innovative LED lighting offering exclusive functionality:

  • Relief enhancement system: perpendicular camera along with one of the lateral lighting only provides three dimensional relief to documents and objects

Glare control system

Thanks to the two lateral lights, final image can be produced with custom lighting adjustment. It enables the removal of all unexpected glare for all documents, but allows for some shine on glossy documents if desired.

Metamorfoze guidelines

Metamorfoze Preservation Imaging Guidelines are specifications for technical criteria and tolerances for preservation imaging.

Metamorfoze guidelines describe three levels for image quality inspection:

  • “Metamorfoze”: specifications for digitizing works of art
  • “Metamorfoze Light”: specifications for digitizing documents such as books, maps, newspapers, periodicals, manuscripts …
  • “Metamorfoze Extra Light”: specifications for digitizing bitonal books only

Metamorfoze guidelines provide analysis of different quality criteria such as FTM, noise, color, etc.

SupraScan™ Quartz range is the only book scanner on the market to be 100% Metamorfoze compliant at highest scanning speed. No compromise on quality, no compromise on speed.

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