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New bookscanner: eScan Open System made by i2S.

New bookscanner: eScan Open System made by i2S. overview

Hello, We are delighted to present our new eScan Open System book scanner.  The only one of its kind on the market, it is entirely configurable and so can be adapted to all your needs, such as mass digitization projects, self-service in reading rooms, etc. Select your work environment and let us guide you to create [...]

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eScan Open System Lancement à Paris

eScan Open System Lancement à Paris overview

Journée événement: Lancement eScan Open system Jeudi 9 avril – 2 sessions chez Spigraph à Val de Fontenay De la Numérisation à la Publication de vos ouvrages Spigraph vous invite à assister au lancement du nouveau scanner de livres : eScan Open System développé par i2S. Ce scanner, entièrement configurable, est disponible en version livre service, [...]

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eScan Open System New Digitization Solution

eScan Open System New Digitization Solution overview

i2S launches its new scanner Based on our 35 years of experience in image capture and processing, we have developed a new scanning solution that is open to usage, configurable and scalable according to user needs, and enhanced with high image quality and productivity. eScan Open System is the first scanning solution on the market [...]

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i2S announces UK partnership with Dicom Spigraph

Based on DICOM SPIGRAPH’s leading distribution of document capture solutions, i2S entrusts its portfolio of book scanners and associated softwares for the UK market. In this capacity, Dicom Spigraph will provide a full range of digitisation solutions for libraries, public and private archives, museums, universities, government, service bureaus and corporate customers. “As the European leader [...]

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Supervision, workflow management and reporting, a Maestro is born

    The LIMB range of software companions by i2s Digibook is a full fledged system designed to help you develop a production environnment for large-scale book and document digitization projects. As our user base grows to accomodate larger demand and broader projects, the need for some new component merged months ago. LIMB #MAESTRO is [...]

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SupraScan Quartz HD 2A0: the solution for digitizing oversized works

Designed with all i2S expertise, SupraScan Quartz HD 2A0 is the unique solution for digitizing with respect oversized, old and fragile works, documents and paintings. It combines best image quality and high productivity.     Scanning area up to 1 800 x 1 200 mm (70.8 x 47.2 in.) Ergonomic tray (push & pull) accessible [...]

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Around the world with new tricks to show off

Thanks to our worldwide VAR network, I2S DigiBook technologies tour the world’s fairs and tech shows. Our latest SupraScan was in Beijing to demonstrate it’s ultra-wide capabilities and new add-ons such as a 900 x 600mm vacuum table and 90+ craddle.                             [...]

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October 9-10, 2014 – A SupraScan A1 demo in Cardiff

Long-term I2S DigiBook partner Hollingworth & Moss has a booth and demo agenda @  The Museums Association Conference & Exhibition 2014 that takes place at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff on 9-10 October. It’s a unique opportunity to get a personal demo of the ever-evolving characteristics of our high-end scanner range of add-ons such as the [...]

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A clever vacuum table for the SupraScan range of A1 scanners

Many customers and operators asked for a vacuum table tailored for our SupraScan A1 range of scanners. Here it is and it does marvels. It’s an add-on compatible with ALL our A1 SupraScan units that delivers up to 900 x 600 mm ( about 36 x 24 in) of controlled back pressure See how it [...]

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#TARGI 2014 in Varsaw (PL) on DPI booth #52

              October 7-9, 2014, I2S DigiBook is in Poland for the #TARGI Dziedzictwo at the Centrum Targowo-Kongresowe MT Polska in , a Fair of Preservation & Restoration of Monuments, Protection & Equipement of Archives, Museums & Libraries Heritage. We will demonstrate our latest SupraScan A1 evolution and add-ons. Proszę !!

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