i2S DigiBook

i2S DigiBook designs, manufactures and markets high resolution book scanners, image processing software, digital library solution, and related services.

This global offer is dedicated to all knowledge digitization projects: cultural heritage, scientific, administrations or industries. Today,  i2S DigiBook offers the most complete solutions from the shelves to publishing on the net.

Today, more than 3,500 book scanners are installed at more than 800 customers’ sites around the world.




i2S DigiBook has operations on five specific markets:

Founded in 2000, i2s DigiBook is a business unit of the international i2S company.

A global offer

i2S DigiBook meets the needs of the full chain of digitization projects and comes today on a market with the most complete range of solutions:

DIGITIZE with the widest range of scanners : book scanners, bound document scanners and oversized scanners;

ENRICH with LIMB™, the full software suite to process, enrich and convert raw images into digital assets;

SHARE with LIMB Processing and LIMB Gallery, the new generation of digital library.

With a network of 35 certified resellers covering 80 countries, with research and development programs (Polinum) to improve technologies in digitizing, image and metadata processing and with hundreds of thousands documents housed and printable on demand , i2S DigiBook has build the best resources, solutions and experiences to help all public and private organizations to manage with success their digitizing projects and increase the potential return on investment.

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